Spa Shopper's Guide....
                            Key Questions to Ask.

                 What is the spa manufacturers track record & reputation? How long have they been in business?
                    Are they Worldwide, Regional or Nationwide? Are they listed or rated on lists done by
                    independent consumer groups?

                 Our Spas: Worldwide, 25+ years in existence, continuously rated as the top selling spa in the world.

                How long has the dealer been in business and carried this line of spas? How many times has he
                    switched spa lines?

                 Our Spas: We’ve been a warranted Service Center for Hot Spring for over a decade. We’ve been
                    in the pool and spa business for over 25 years. Some dealers switch lines every two years, and others
                    were in a completely different business just two years ago.

                    What are the warranties on these spas? Who performs the service on the spas?

                 Our Spas: We’ll give you a written copy of the warranty on our spas.  The warranty period should
                    be long, but also cover everything: Labor & Service Calls included. We have a 12 month service
                    staff that is factory trained.
                                                (Beware of l-800 service numbers, or subcontracted service)

                 What are the features to look for in a spa?

                 Our Spas: Efficiency, ease-of-use, enjoyable, and durable.   Beware of spa dealers that flaunt ‘Bells and
                    whistles' just for show.  They are usually covering up flaws in the construction of efficiency they don't
                    want you to know.

                 Why are some spas so cheap and others cost more?

             Our Spas:  They are the most popular brand in the world. There will always be cheaper spas. Ask
                    yourself, Why do so many people choose Hot Springs over the cheaper spas?

                What will a spa in our climate cost to operate monthly?

                  Our Spas: We’ll give you a written guarantee of monthly costs.  No formulas, no median multiplies.  If
                     you it's not true, we'll meter your spa for six months to prove it. (We’ve never had to do this!) Ask
                     the dealer to back it with a ‘pay if they’re wrong’. They won’t, we will.

                Can you get customer referrals?

                 Our Spas: We have thousands of spas in our area. Pick an area, go back five years. We’ll give
                    you a list in your area, of every spa we’ve sold there. (Not just selected people)

         Remember: Solid Manufacturer. good dealer, straightforward warranty, service. operating costs,
                                           ease-of-use. and referrals should be on your ‘to ask’ list.